I know some people who love fortune and fame

They spend a lifetime trying to play that game

If you became one of the chosen few

What would you do what would you do

I'd take the money but I would not run

From oppurtunities to touch someone

I'd do my best to have a real good time

But keep in mind keep in mind

It's all about love and how you use it

Don't keep it to yourself and never abuse it

If we help one another we'll get a little help from above

It's all about love it's all about love

Now when your children say they don't understand

Why any man would want to hate another man

Because he might not look the way they do

What can you do what can you do

Mothers and fathers tell your boys and girls

There ain't no easy way to change the world

But each and every one can do their part

Open your heart open your heart


We've got to keep on pushin'

To get a message through

A better world is waitin' on you          

And if we need salvation

We can look up and pray

Or we can take care of buisness today




So many people want to look way

So many people who have nothin' to say

So many think there's nothin' they can do

It ain't true it ain't true

Man and woman father and son

Maybe a teacher reachin' out to someone

They come together they've just begun to realize    






When we were children

Every day could make us feel

Like all we'd have to do is reach out

And every dream would seem so real

Any distance could be traveled any battle could be won

And every time the clouds got in our way

We'd fly up to the sun

But it seems as we grow older

The years bring about a change

And we see the world around us

Like we're livin' in a cage

Life is still a childhood game but we're too afraid to play

We just take the hand we're dealt

And then we turn and walk away

Everybody knows the answer

Everybody knows the way

Everyone can see a rainbow

Everyone can touch the sky

Why should we be earthbound you and I

And if you ask yourself what is it that you really feel

What do you think is really real

The answer can be found in dreams forgotten long ago

Things you told yourself you didn't know

As we build these walls around us

And the darkness closes in

There's a light that shines forever

There's a fire that burns within

It's your heart that you must follow

For there is no other way

To find a reason for tomorrow

In everything we do today

Everybody knows the answer

Eveybody knows the way

When our legs grow tired of running

And we're born with wings to fly

Why should we be earthbound you and I




There I was livin' day to day

Never much to say about the world I'm livin' in

There you were a beacon in the night

The only one in sight and shelter from the howlin' wind

When you reached out to rescue me

You kept me from drowning in a lonely sea

I was sinking in your ocean

Drowning in your sea

Taking on a tidal wave as love came over me

But you sailed to harbor towards a brand new start

Leaving a good man overboard

Clinging to a broken heart

Swept away - pieces of a dream

Such a lonely scene beneath a starless sky

Hanging on to aching memories

Adrift in used to be and no one to answer why

You gave my heart no place to hide

From the raging storm so deep inside


Only love can leave a man like this

Still he can't resist a woman so fine and true

Only love can help a broken man

Salvage what he can knowing what he must do

Someone will hear my desperate heart

Before my shipwrecked world falls apart






Wandering down by the seashore

Watching the gulls fly away

Breathing the night air so deeply

I saw a ship out on the waves

Golden and shining against the new sunrise

Red on the waves

As I watched people were gathered

Waving to me on the shore

Not that I thought it would matter

I've seen the ship ten times before

Though it sails by and draws near

It refuses to land on the shore

Land on the shore

Land on the shore

Now every year seems so fleeting

Now every day seems so dear

Now comes the joy of just being

Only one soul part of the plan

Making the most of the time that he has

To do what he can


All through my life   I've seen sailing ships

Thinking they're passing me by

Now I can see why they don't

Make a man of a child

I've seen the ship ten times before

Though it sails by and draws near

It refuses to land on the shore

To land on the shore

To land on the shore





Sometimes I wonder just what you had in mind

When I was just a gleam in my daddy's eye

Is the road I should follow the road I'm walkin' on

And does it do me any good to wonder why

And lord knows I ain't a man with much to say

I try to let my heart show me the way

To where I should be going to forget about where I've been

And to do the best I can for one more day

Give me one more day to get it right

One more chance to win the fight

One more clear morning maybe I'll see the light

Give me one more day to get it right

Tomorrow I'll reach out my hand

Make this fool a better man

Each and every grain of sand

Is put here for a reason

And if somebody's looking down

And sees me down here on the ground

I may not seem too profound

But I'm doing all I can

Sometimes this world will bring you right down to your knees

There ain't no justice no guarantees

But the answer locked within me is waiting to be free

Give me one more day to find the key